Aiptasia Eating Machines, that's what we sell. We supply the Seaslug who kills the pesky Sea Anemone Aiptasia pallida.

We breed the best solution to put an end to Aiptasia in reef tanks. This anemone grow fast and begin stinging soft and Hard Corals, they begin to die back from encroachment of Aiptasia, we are dedicated to grow Aiptasia predators.

We offer this Nudibranch ( Berghia Verrucicornis ) at very low price, our competitors sell them for $24, we just charge $17, We sell adult animals only, juveniles are cheaper but they are not very effective.�

We want to help you to have your aquarium free of pests, we don't want your money, we want you and your corals happy because we love sea life too, we enjoy what we do, and we still want to do it; We don't charge for the insulated box, heat or cold packs and we just charge $24 flat rate for overnight�service�anywhere in USA.� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� NOTE: Due to the high demand;�please allow 3 to�5 working days for your order to be sent, you will receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as we ship your order using overnight service (remember it's a livestock and it can't take more than 24 hours, please open the box as soon as you receive your berghias).

To calculate how many berghias you need to get rid of all your aiptasia... you need one Berghia for every 10 aiptasias, you can buy less than that but it's going to take longer for them to "clean" your tank, usually it takes a couple months.

Stop thinking about Peppermint Shrimp and Butterflyfish, they prefer other foods to Aiptasia, in fact, Butterflyfish eats corals, zooanthids, anemones and tube worms. Our "sea slug" eats Aiptasia only, therefore YOUR REEF IS 100% SAFE.

You are completely free to browse our photos, select "Photos" in the main menu and then click in "Show pictures" (right hand side). Drop us an e-mail, we would like to hear from you !!!!

If you want to know more about either this interesting nudibrach or the pesky Aiptasia you will find more information in our "Interesting Facts", feel free to browse our menu. Please contact us if you have any question, due to the high demand we will try to answer as soon as we can in the next couple days.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to help you to get rid of your Aiptasia.